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CRUISE Designer Paper Weight
Oceanliner, paper weight with rubber inside the bunt of the ship, magnetic funnels for paper clips, incl. 5 paper clips, with friction motor, shiny chrome plated. FULL STEAM AHEAD! Your desk is an ocean! CRUISE, the maritime paperweight, comes complete with eraser. Powered by friction motor. If you"re adrift in a sea of paperwork and feeling just about ready to mutiny, here's something to throw you a line! CRUISE the smart ocean liner is a ship of shining metal carrying a cargo of magnet, paperclips and eraser. Makes spontaneous course corrections easy!Design: Langkop Design. Measure: 130*30*60 mm. Weight: 198 Gram

Height: 30 mm
Width: 60 mm
Length: 130 mm
Weight: 198 g
Colour: Silver & Black
Composition: Metal & Silicone
Category: Office Accessories